Sneak Peek into Ms. Summer 2021 Issue: Don’t Filibuster Democracy

As the country begins to reopen and summertime travel for reunions and gatherings gets underway, we hope you’ll join Ms. and bring us along with you. In our jam-packed Summer issue, we give you plenty to talk about and think about … and to enjoy! 

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Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll find inside the upcoming Summer issue of Ms.:

Don’t Filibuster Democracy” by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf: The Equal Rights Amendment and other advancements for women’s and civil rights hinge on the battle to eliminate an anti-democratic Senate rule: the filibuster. These days, the filibuster is routinely used to block even the most mundane matters from reaching the Senate floor. What’s at stake as we consider the immediate future of feminist priorities? The answer is just about everything.

“The Women in the Room”; interview by Renee Montagne: In a Ms. Conversation, NPR News host Renee Montagne brings us a firsthand account of the Afghan peace negotiations from two of the women at the table: Fawzia Koofi and Fatima Gailani. Afghan women are worried that after being victims of men’s wars, they will be victims of peace. Gailani describes their goal as peace negotiators like this:

“Peace is not a lack of war … We don’t want a peaceful prison. We want a peaceful country that everyone is free in.”

“Abortion Rights, Code Red” by Carrie N. Baker: The U.S. Supreme Court has just agreed to hear a case involving a Mississippi law that bans nearly all abortions after 15 weeks. The law “unquestionably violates nearly 50 years of Supreme Court precedent and is a test case to overturn Roe,” Nancy Northup of the Center for Reproductive Rights, tells Ms. “If the Court were to weaken the right to abortion, abortion would likely be banned entirely in half the country.” Plus, a review of the new book, Controlling Women: What We Must Do Now to Save Reproductive Freedom by Kathryn Kolbert and Julie F. Kay, two leading legal authorities on reproductive rights who have been preparing for this moment for decades.

“Ending the ‘Curse’” by Anita Diamant: In an exclusive excerpt for Ms. from her new book of essays, Period. End of Sentence., Red Tent author Anita Diamant tells the stories of period-positive young women activists who are working to end the “curse.”

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Katherine Spillar is the executive director of Feminist Majority Foundation and executive editor of Ms., where she oversees editorial content and the Ms. in the Classroom program.