Under Biden, Cruelty Towards Asylum Seekers Persists

Anti-immigrant politicians and pundits continue to accuse Biden of promoting open borders, even as he pursues the most restrictionist border policies in recent history. This is not a constituency the president will likely ever satisfy.

It is long past time for the Biden administration to honor its promises and establish a safe, fair and humane asylum process for people fleeing danger.

Asylum Seekers, Advocates Urge Garland to End Trump’s Cruel Policies Towards Survivors

Although President Biden has promised to restore humanity to our asylum system, many of his predecessor’s cruelest policies remain in effect, placing vulnerable women and families at risk of deportation to the very dangers they have fled. Trump’s racist, misogynist legacy includes a series of restrictive Justice Department rulings that have made it extremely difficult for people fleeing gender-based violence to win asylum protection.

The Biden-Harris Administration Must Take Decisive Action to Restore Asylum

Communities around the country are calling for the incoming administration to deliver justice and safety for refugees. When lives are at stake, there can be no other choice.

Rebuilding the U.S. asylum system will not be without its challenges. But the Biden-Harris administration can meet this moment and, more importantly, it must. Here’s how it can start.