Women’s Health Is in the Hands of the Supreme Court

OK, I admit it. I’ve become obsessed with SCOTUS Blog. During the last week, I’ve spent hours at my computer, watching lawyers live blog as the Supreme Court announced its decisions. I’m a passionate women’s health activist, and this is not where I wanted to be spending my time. No complaints about SCOTUS Blog itself. […]

The President, Personal Stories and Health Care Reform

I’ve been a proponent of telling personal stories to make a political point for as long as I’ve worked in women’s health.  I’ve seen firsthand how powerful a story can be.  I’ve told my own stories and encouraged other women to tell theirs.  But I’ve never seen a President introduced by someone who started by […]

Counting Down to Even MORE Health-Care Coverage

I direct a women’s health advocacy organization, so I’m used to people asking me questions about all kinds of issues–Pap tests, mammograms, home birth, hot flashes.  But lately, when people find out I that I advocate for better health care for women, they ask about one thing:  health reform. “Will my co-pay for birth control […]

It’s National Women’s Health Week

For the 13th #HERvotesblog carnival, we’re celebrating National Women’s Health Week.  The federal government launched National Women’s Health Week ten years ago in an effort to improve women’s health by building awareness about things like exercise, healthy eating and the importance of regular check-ups. It’s nice to have our government speaking out about the importance […]

What Health Care Reform Means to Women

By Cindy Pearson, co-founder of Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need For the tenth #HERvotes blog carnival, we’re celebrating the second anniversary of the new health-reform law, the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. Why are women so excited about the ACA? Well, for a start, the law has already started removing barriers […]