My Michigan Knows How To Treat a Vagina

When I remember my home state of Michigan, I remember that brilliant mix of straightforwardness and amiability that exists so naturally in the Midwest. People didn’t do things like “put on airs” or think that they had all the answers. OK, some did, but by and large, I remember most people being genuinely nice and […]

1,000 Reasons To Trust Women

As a clinic assistant at two Planned Parenthood clinics, I’ve listened to approximately 1,000 women tell me about their abortion decisions. These women came from all over the world. Some were mothers, students, wives or girlfriends; some were only girls. They were different in many ways, but what they wanted was the same: a safe […]

Doctor’s Advice vs. State Rape

Across the United States, anti-choice bills are rising like a tide of vitriolic chauvinism, threatening to sweep away a woman’s right to choose–and take legitimate reproductive medicine down with them. State legislatures have been mandating a litany of medical hoops that women seeking abortions must jump through, among them ultrasounds. According to the Guttmacher Institute, […]