It’s Time to Desegregate Augusta

President Obama says he thinks women should be admitted to the Augusta National Golf Club, although he has not yet recommended a boycott. That would be the highest moral ground, but his statement is still important. So how come Tiger Woods doesn’t weigh in on this issue? Because he plays the moral “no” ground. He’s […]

An Immodest Proposal

Recently, a fundamental unfairness has been getting to me. Why should females have to wade through rows of anti-Roe v. Wade picket lines at family planning clinics, while men who visit urologists for vasectomies basically slip in and out, with no one screaming in their faces about having nipped themselves in the bud? As Monty […]

Click! Go Ahead, Call Me a Bitch

Call me “castanets,” because I’ve had a gazillion “clicks” since I first declared myself a feminist. I was a teen in South Dakota, and after reading Robin Morgan’s Sisterhood Is Powerful in the early 1970s, I’ve been doing a joyous feminist flamenco ever since. But my first “bitch” click came a little later. Standing in […]

Health Tips from the Safety Godmother

For National Women’s Health Week, Ellen Snortland — the Safety Godmother — wants everyone to receive the gift of personal safety. She uses her magic wand to grant the gifts of boundary-setting, mandatory personal safety classes starting in grade school, fallacy debunking and women’s empowerement.