For Spring Equinox: A Global Call to End Catcalls

During a recent warm spell across the United States, I immediately noticed an increase in Tweets and Facebook posts about unwelcome catcalls. I experienced it, too. On the warmest day I wore shorts during my daily run and men in a car whistled and hooted at me. Until then, weeks of cold had kept car […]

Lara Logan and Egypt’s Next Revolution

Last Friday, soon after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced he would leave office, a group of men in Cairo beat and sexually assaulted American CBS reporter Lara Logan, after separating her from her crew. What happened is an outrage. But it doesn’t surprise me. There are men everywhere who use sexual harassment and assault as a […]

Where in the World Can Women Feel Safe?

Last spring, I stumbled across information about the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety: Building Inclusive Cities which is taking place this week. Street harassment activism and working on solutions for ending it is my passion, and I immediately contacted the organizers to find out more. Once I confirmed that the conference would be exactly […]