Perfect Bedfellows: Anti-Abortion Lobby Joins NRA To Block Judicial Nominee

There’s hardly a better snapshot of the modern-day conservative movement than the fight over the appointment of Caitlin Halligan. And it’s ugly. Anti-choicers joined with anti-gun reform advocates to defeat the nomination of Halligan just last week by threatening a filibuster. President Obama originally nominated Halligan, general counsel for the Manhattan district attorney’s office and […]

Court Rules Against Bishops In One Birth Control Fight

The Catholic Bishops‘ battle against reproductive healthcare was dealt a significant blow on Friday when a federal judge ruled against the bishops in a battle over whether the group could impose its views on contraception and abortion through its control of taxpayer dollars. Over the last six months the bishops have argued the Obama administration […]

This Alaska Rep. Wants Men to Approve Abortions

Not one to be left in the cold, Alaska has jumped on the mandatory ultrasound bandwagon too. But that’s not all. Perhaps it’s because these laws are becoming so routine that conservative lawmakers feel the only way they can get headlines is to make each new proposal more outrageous than the last. That would explain […]

Virginia Vote on Ultrasound Law Delayed

Virginia Republicans again delayed a vote on SB484, the bill that would require a woman undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before having an abortion. The bill is widely unpopular among Virginia voters and has been one of the targets of two protest rallies on the State Capital grounds that drew over 1,000 men and women on Monday.

Percentage of Unsafe Abortions On The Rise Worldwide

Almost half of all abortions performed globally are done so without trained clinical assistance, according to a new study. Unsafe abortion is one of the main contributors to maternal death and includes procedures outside hospitals, clinics and surgeries, or without qualified medical supervision.

ACLU Sues To Block Kansas Abortion Bill

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas filed suit this week in an attempt to block a Kansas law that bans private health insurance plans from covering abortions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 87 percent of employer-based insurance policies nationwide cover abortions. The Kansas bill forces private insurance companies to remove abortion from the list […]