The Original Feminist Jihadist

“As an aspiring feminist jihadist, I have an enormous amount to learn from Khadija’s example, and I pray that we will all be able to live up to it. Defending and carrying out the legacy of Khadija is not an easy task, especially today, but looking back at her example gives us the hope and grounding that we, as Muslim women, need to move forward in reclaiming our faith and our rightful place in it.”

Waging a Worldwide Feminist Jihad

The term jihad has been more than mistranslated in much of the so-called Western world; it has been viciously abused and bastardized. Contrary to popular opinion, a jihad is not a “holy war.”

To wage a jihad is to strive for peace and justice–and, thus, the relentless struggle for justice and equality all over the world by women of all races, religions and ethnicities, is in itself a model jihad.