Return to Work Is Happening in Hybrid Form—But Is Hybrid Working for Women?

The structure of employment in the U.S. has long been untenable for anyone who has caregiving duties, but now that hybrid work is here—the flexibility of which women have been advocating for basically forever—is it enough?

A stark contrast to the benefits of hybrid work: It is precisely the people who need hybrid schedules the most who will end up paying the highest price. 

Women Aren’t “Opting Out” of the Work Force. They’re Being Forced Out

Crushed by the load of caregiving, women are leaving workplaces in droves, and the wage gap is an important motivator.

“A more accurate description of ‘opting out’ is in fact women being forced out of work—forced out by companies that never really wanted us there anyway, forced out by managers who are not amenable to being flexible, forced out by partners who are not willing to pick up their part of the load at home, and forced out by constantly being ground down through silencing, erasure and plain old everyday sexism in our paid work.”