New Mexico’s Playbook for a Reproductive Justice-Affirming Legislature

Amid the flurry of attacks on abortion rights in states across the country, New Mexico’s reproductive justice movement recently won a major victory: Our legislature repealed an antiquated abortion ban that would have criminalized abortion if Roe v. Wade is gutted or overturned.

An ambitious on-the-ground electoral coalition mobilized voters, who installed progressive champions in the New Mexico Senate—proving that reproductive justice is a winning issue for our families.

The Weekly Pulse: What’s With Periods and the Vaccine?; Biden Allows Fetal Tissue for Research; Chauvin Verdict “Accountability, Not Justice”

Why is has it taken a pandemic for people to openly talk about periods?

This week, we discuss reports of people experiencing heavier periods after receiving the vaccine, and how the lack of research on menstruation is hampering our ability to combat vaccine disinformation. We also provide updates on the vaccine rollout both in the U.S. and worldwide, as well as track the latest news in the battle for reproductive justice. Finally, health experts weigh in on the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial.