Ms. Global: #WhereIsPengShuai?; Sweden May Get Its First Woman PM; Bolivia Debates Abortion Rights; The End of COP 26

The U.S. ranks as the 19th most dangerous country for women, 11th in maternal mortality, 30th in closing the gender pay gap, 75th in women’s political representation, and painfully lacks paid family leave and equal access to health care. But Ms. has always understood: Feminist movements around the world hold answers to some of the U.S.’s most intractable problems. Ms. Global is taking note of feminists worldwide.

This week: Romania’s massive coronavirus outbreak; Afghan families forced to sell their daughters; the aftermath of COP 26; where is Peng Shuai?; Sweden may get its first woman PM; and more.

The U.S. Should Stop Being Hypocritical When It Comes to Ending Child Marriage

In partnership with others, including survivor advocates from across the country, I have been campaigning state by state for years to change our own out of date minimum age of marriage laws. The most recent victory in New York was a hard-won battle but I am happy that my home state has finally enacted Naila’s Law and set the minimum age of marriage at 18 without exceptions—only the sixth state in the U.S. to do so. This has made me feel like I can heal.

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk: How to Strengthen U.S. Foreign Policy Commitments for Girls

The risks of being an adolescent girl are perhaps worse this year than any year since we began celebrating International Day of the Girl. The voices of girls are rarely centered, their solutions are rarely considered, and their needs are rarely addressed.

But an executive order from Biden could develop a whole-of-government strategy for children and youth. Empowering girls as leaders benefits us all and should be a priority.

Teenagers in North Carolina Call For an End to Child Marriage

We are two high school seniors, both age 17, from Chatham County, North Carolina. These days we split our time between online school, our extracurriculars and hanging out with friends. Marriage is the last thing on our minds.

Instead of leaving it to adults to say what is and is not in our best interest, let’s tell them ourselves: End child marriage.

Imagining a World Where Women Exercise Freedoms and Realize Their Rights

If we traced mine or any woman’s or girls’ life trajectory, we would find unique experiences and challenges, barriers that we encounter for the mere reasons of our identity. My girlhood in conflict is just one example, one story.

One of the most egregious examples of gender-based violence is child, early and forced marriage. How does one attain her freedoms and rights if she is forced to marry?