J. Crew’s Toenail-Painting Ad Causes Pink Scare

The sweet J. Crew ad I celebrated last week has ignited a “pink scare,” with socially conservative commentators outrageously upset. The ad features a mother– J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons–and her son delighting in one another’s company on a Saturday afternoon by painting their toenails hot pink (and thereby selling J. Crew’s Essie nail polish). The ad doesn’t […]

Angry Egyptian Women and Trans Vets: Editors’ Picks, 1/23-1/29

An unprecedented number of women participated in Tuesday’s “Day of Rage” in Egypt–much more so than in previous anti-government protests. Over at Slate’s Double X, Jenna Krajeski explains why. The celebrated repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell didn’t address military policies barring transgender service, and many in the trans community are mobilizing to break down […]

Should Teen Girls Be Wary of Social Media?

If you were to form your opinion of Facebook based on media coverage over the past few years, you would believe that, for teenage girls, Facebook is a dangerous social minefield and nothing else. The advent of social networking—with cyber-bullying and the rapid dissemination of sexy photos to entire adolescent ecosystems with a click of […]