PETITION: Drop the Ban on Women in Military Combat!

In March, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission will hand over a recommendation to Congress to lift the current ban on military women participating in combat. Now you can help! Just sign the petition below so that when Congress and the Department of Defense receive the recommendation, it receives the proper hearing that it deserves. While this potential change has received media coverage, you can prove that individuals care about it by taking a quick two minutes to sign this petition.

Here on Ms. Blog, we reviewed some of the points that will likely be included in the recommendation, including the rebuttal of common stereotypes (e.g. women in military lack the strength and emotional stability of their men colleagues).

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  1. Women are made for nurturing children, men and themselves and not for killing others. Men are not made for killing either. Military combat should be outlawed for everyone!!!!!

  2. phoenixjeff says:

    Yes, women need to fight for their equal rights. They should also be fighting for the 'right' to sign up for Selective Service when they turn 18, and be a part of the draft. They to deserve equal treatment under the law, not special treatment, they don't want that.

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