The Ms. Q&A: Tarana Burke is Taking to #MeToo Movement Back to School

“We have to communicate with each other, and we have to teach our children and ourselves to be vigilant, but not fearful—because operating in fear is never fruitful.”

How Cash-in-Hand Can Empower Women and Girls Worldwide

About one billion people worldwide receive cash transfers as part of government programs. These exchanges illuminate how money can improve women’s lives—and the results are heartening. 

California Says Enough: Taking On Sexual Harassment in the Golden State’s Legislature

The Joint Legislative Rules Committee of the California Legislature unanimously approved a proposal for investigating sexual harassment complaints from within the chamber in the wake of widespread allegations of misconduct.

The Capital Gazette Shooting is a Reminder that Misogyny Kills

Thursday’s shooter had a long-standing feud with the paper he targeted—or, more specifically, had a long-standing issue with their coverage of his misogynistic and abusive behavior.

It’s Their Turn: Low-Wage Workers Launched a Coalition to Fight Sexual Harassment

First came #MeToo. Then, #TimesUp. Now, another rallying cry has emerged in the fight against sexual harassment: Our Turn.

We Heart: Cameron Esposito’s Rape Jokes

Cameron Esposito is rewriting the rape joke.

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