The Perfect Tan: An Imperialist Fantasy?

The National Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 included a provision that requires salon tanners to pay a 10 percent tax each time they drop in for some faux sunbathing. The tax will generate an estimated $2.7 billion over the next ten years that will go toward the cost of extending health-care coverage […]

Wanda Coleman On the Healing Power of Women’s Writing

Feminaissance, a new anthology of women’s experimental essays, poetry and fiction, includes the work of renowned Los Angeles African American poet Wanda Coleman.  I had a chance to speak with her recently about her writing and her feminism. MONTEI: What role do you think women’s writing has played in the feminist movement? COLEMAN:  I remain […]

The Hip-Swaying Afghan Idol

In British director Havana Marking’s documentary Afghan Star–which chronicles the lives of four contestants competing in Afghanistan’s version of American Idol –the crucial moment is not a vocal one but a visual one: Contestant Setara Hussainzada from Herat City shocks viewers by removing her head scarf and swaying her hips during her final performance. The […]

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