The Future of Texas Women’s Health? For Rick Perry, It’s CPCs

Last Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry stopped by to lend a little good-old-boy masculinity to the opening of a branch of Houston’s The Source For Women, a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) that Perry touted as the future of Texas’s new Women’s Health Program—a program explicitly designed and intended to serve women who are not, and […]

Without Planned Parenthood in Texas, Good Luck Finding Low-Cost Healthcare

While the State of Texas battles in court for what it says is its right to exclude Planned Parenthood from participating in the Medicaid Women’s Health Program (WHP) there, the Texas Health and Human Services commission is sending mixed messages to the more than 50,000 women who currently rely on Planned Parenthood for their care through the […]

For One Day, It Appeared Texas Would Restore Planned Parenthood Funds

Update: The following Friday, May 3, Planned Parenthood was refunded again, after a three-judge circuit of appeals ruled that Texas must continue to fund the organization while its defunding decision is on appeal. Yesterday, Texas Planned Parenthood clinics got a very temporary moment of reprieve in their fight to continue participating–with federal Medicaid dollars–in the […]

The Latest Threat to Health Care

By Andrea Grimes Elected officials often talk about “mandates” from their constituents. But what happens when those mandates aren’t coming from voters but corporate representatives who pay top dollar to hobnob with state lawmakers and help draft “model” bills reflecting corporate interests? That’s precisely the modus operandi of the American Legislative Exchange Council, an under-the-radar […]

Houston Press Lists Ten “Hottest” Sex Offenders

If I were the Houston Press, and I were part of the Village Voice Media chain of newspapers currently under investigation for facilitating sex trafficking through their outlet, making jokes about how hot sex criminals are would not be the first place I’d go for humor. But I’m not the Houston Press, so that’s […]

Alternatives to Planned Parenthood? Not in Texas

The House and Senate are expected to vote on Thursday on stand-alone bills that take away all federal funds from Planned Parenthood. Without Planned Parenthood, alternatives for women are lacking, as reporter Andrea Grimes found in her account below, originally commissioned and published on April 5 by RH Reality Check. Before I met with Texas State […]

Did The New York Times Blame the 11-Year-Old Victim of a Texas Gang Rape?

There is so much that is horrid with regard to this story coming out of small-town East Texas: 18 men and teenage boys have been arrested in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, TX. There’s what Feministing’s Chloe Angyal noted, that those quoted in the article seem strangely concerned with how participating in a gang […]

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