Welcome to the Future of Feminism!

As a reader of and writer for Ms. and a women’s studies professor, I, like many of us, believe that the study and celebration of women’s history shouldn’t be relegated to just one month. Still, President Jimmy Carter designated a Women’s History Week in 1980, and then, in 1987, the month of March became officially […]

Apparently, “Persons of Interest” Aren’t Women

I’m not one to turn down a new crime show. Give me a detective, a forensic team or a vigilante out for the truth and I’m pretty much a happy camper. So I was expecting to enjoy the new CBS procedural “Person of Interest” (premiering tonight at 9/8 central), particularly since it’s the brainchild of […]

The “Art” of Exploiting Cambodian Sex Workers

Warning: Please be aware that clicking on many of the links in this post will lead to websites containing images that are NSFW and may be offensive and/or triggering. I consider myself fairly liberal when it comes to some of the most controversial 21st-century debates about sex. I’m not anti-pornography or sex work, as long […]

Pop’s Diva Daughter as Primal Mother

I’ve been looking forward to the music video of Lady Gaga’s much-hyped single “Born This Way” for several weeks, so, when it premiered Sunday on Vevo I really wanted to love it. Unfortunately, “Born This Way” just doesn’t have the twisted, Mad Hatter brilliance of Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video or the movie-pastiche playfulness and queer […]

Last Day of Feminist “Advent”–Catch Up on What You’ve Missed!

When I was a very young child, I received a late November package all the way from my grandmother in Germany. It was a large, cloth Advent Calendar, designed to hang on the back of my bedroom door and fitted with little pockets, one for each day leading up to December 25. In each pocket […]

Sex, Lies and Ballet

From now on, when someone claims that they were on the “edge of their seat,” I will always think of director Darren Aronofsky’s newest film, Black Swan, opening nationwide December 3. By the time the credits rolled, my hands were sore from gripping the armrests and my body protested with audible pops as I stood […]

How to Come Out in Five Easy Steps

The first time I “celebrated” National Coming Out Day I was a sophomore in college. The LGBTQ group on campus dubbed October 11th Blue Jeans Day, encouraging LGBTQ students and their allies to wear blue jeans as a visible sign of support. I’ll admit, I took this a little too seriously and wore not just […]

Secretariat: A Housewife, Her Horse and Their Legacy

If you love horse movies, then you’ll probably love Disney’s newest, much-hyped Secretariat, which fits firmly in the genre of other recent triumphant equine epics–Seabiscuit (2003), Hildalgo (2004) and Dreamer (2005)–with one notable exception. Despite the film’s plethora of close-ups of the stallion’s deep, soulful eyes and its re-creation of some  of Big Red’s most […]

1964: Is It a New Age for the Women of Mad Men?

Mad Men’s fourth season premiered last night and I didn’t want the episode to end. The show is still immersive, fresh and charmingly unpredictable. And even though Mad Men’s feminism has always been ambivalent–a trend that seems to be holding in this season–this ambivalence feels right and even necessary, especially considering the era in which […]

How to Lose Your Virginity: An Interview with Therese Shechter

If you haven’t been following the work of documentary filmmaker Therese Shechter (left), you might mistake her newest project, How to Lose Your Virginity, for a bluntly titled self-help manual for sexually bereft high schoolers. But the adage holds true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The title is a deliberately ironic […]