We Heart: The Reproductive Rights Question That Stumped Brett Kavanaugh

California Senator Kamala Harris left Judge Brett Kavanaugh speechless at his own confirmation hearing with one simple question: “Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?”

Poems for a New Native Dialogue

The best-selling poetry anthologies from Native American writers are dated (in this order) 1918, 1996, 1988 and 1984. Heid E. Erdrich set out to expand that timeline, and subvert boundaries, by compiling and editing “New Poets of Native Nations,” out now from Graywolf Press.

BlackStar Feminists: 10 Films Amplifying the Experiences of Women of Color

81 films by social justice-oriented filmmakers screened in Philadelphia this month as part of the BlackStar Film Festival. Among them were these 10 feminist films exploring love, hair, sexuality and the serious challenges facing women of color around the world.

We Heart: Hannah Gadsby’s Revolutionary Rewrite of the Stand-Up Special

In a stunning queer and feminist performance that questions the foundations of comedy itself, Gadsby expertly leads viewers beyond the levity of our lives—and through anger, laughter, inspiration and sadness.

More Voters Support Abortion Rights Under Roe v. Wade Than Ever

A new poll finds that a majority of registered voters support the Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion nationwide across party lines—marking an all-time high for the popularity of abortion rights to be reported from such a study.

Head Counts and Calls to Action: Major Takeaways from the Domestic Violence Census

New findings from the National Network to End Domestic Violence shed light on the profound need for an increase in funding for critical resources and services for survivors and families—and the lifesaving work that advocates perform every day.

The High Cost of Education Inequality Worldwide

A new study by the World Bank measures the economic costs to nations which don’t educate girls—and the numbers are staggering. 

The Fight Against Upskirting in the UK isn’t Over

26-year-old Gina Martin has been campaigning in England and Wales to make upskirting illegal and hold perpetrators accountable—and she won’t stop until the law changes.

We Heart: Michelle Wolf’s Salute to Abortions

In the most recent episode of comedian Michelle Wolf’s new show, “The Break,” she shouts an anthem fit for a more feminist union: “God bless abortions and god bless America!”

Akila Radhakrishnan is Now at the Helm of the Global Justice Center’s Powerful Work for International Human Rights

Radhakrishnan will bring a powerful feminist lens to her work at the Global Justice Center, which fights for human rights worldwide.

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