How Girl Power is Fueling an Evolution in Women’s Wrestling

WWE’s first all-female pay-per-view event, “Evolution,” felt miles away from an all-too-common refrain: “I can’t wrestle her. She’s a girl!” 

The Marvel Universe’s #MeToo Moment

“She’s Not Alone” was not the same call-out against sexual assault and harassment as the #MeToo movement—but it shared similar undertones.

Infinite Womanhood and Biological Horror in Annihilation

I stole my roommate’s copy of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” the moment we got home from “Annihilation.”

Subverting Science—and Fighting Sexism—with Girl Power

At this summer’s Women in Science Girls STEAM Camp in Malawi, campers and counselors alike considered the ways technology can prevent gender-based violence.

Making the Impossible Possible

By the time Clinton took to the podium, the scene was set. This was not to be a graduation speech of simple advice-giving, but a radical reminder that we must live the values we learn.

Pussyhats of the Past: 10 Times Feminist Fiber Art Made History

Women have taken to textile for generations as a means of making political statements.

At Women’s Colleges, the Fight Goes On

The community at Wellesley, and communities at women’s colleges like it, did not rest in defeat after the election. Instead, they fought on.

These Eight Pro-Choice Posters are Sparking a Dialogue on Abortion in Chile

This is what I found outside the University of Chile: absolutely beautiful and incredibly powerful pro-choice artwork by a group called the Feminist Propaganda Brigade.

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