Marching On for (Constitutional) Menstrual Equity

Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment goes beyond a matter of principle. It would also offer a host of legal remedies to gender-based disparities, including discrimination in the workplace and the injustices that face survivors in our rape culture—and it would be a major boon to the emerging movement for menstrual equity.

The Supreme Court, Sexual Assault and Seeing Red

With every passing day—with each sordid detail that comes to light about Brett Kavanaugh’s school years, with every aggressive and hypocritical word that passes across the lips of Senator Mitch “plow through these hearings” McConnell, with every victim-blaming tweet from the pussy-grabbing POTUS himself—my fury swells.

The Ms. Q&A: Anna Dahlqvist is Fighting for Menstruators Around the World

“The time has come to move periods out from the shadows, and squarely in the center of our society.”

The Politics of Periods

Given that this particular bodily function has been an essential slice of the human condition forever—and stigmatized, sidelined or, at best, ignored for just about as long—it is no small thrill that menstruation has become a modern cause célèbre. Now the time is ripe to harness all that momentum and go full-blown political: periods as a public policy agenda.

#TimesUp on Period Stigma, Too

As Hollywood opens the red carpet to social change—and celebrities and others open their wallets to the movement—here’s another hashtag to add to the mix: #MenstruationMatters.

Ensuring Dignity and Health at the Intersection of Incarceration and Menstruation

New York has the chance to improve the lives of its most vulnerable residents and advance a vital message: that menstruation falls squarely at the intersection of health, economic and justice policy.

A President’s Day Tribute to Period Policy

Menstrual equity has rapidly morphed into a winning mainstream policy agenda–one of the very few in American politics that can claim honest-to-goodness bipartisan traction.

Philadelphia Freedom: Celebrating and Redefining Motherhood at the DNC

At the DNC, we are witnessing the sheer power of motherhood itself as a potent and powerful vehicle for social change.

The Tampon Ticket

Donald Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence for VP has observers puzzling through the similarities and differences between the candidates. There’s one unexpected and oddly ironic commonality that the two men share: menstruation.

Menstrual Products are Taxed in 40 States. Here’s What You Can Buy Tax-Free

Cosmopolitan dubbed 2015 “The Year The Period Went Public” and NPR called it “The Year of the Period.” Here at the Ms. Blog, I predicted that 2016 would be an even bigger, bolder year for menstrual equity: “The Year Period Policy Prevailed” (which I swiftly reconsidered to “That Time President Obama Talked About Tampons”). Yes, last month the Leader of […]

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