Leslie Feinberg—Embodying Solidarity

In honor of Queer History Month, Ms. Bloggers will be giving shout-outs to some of their queer heroes of the present and past. Leslie Feinberg has been fighting the fight (or more accurately, fights) for more years than I’ve been on this earth.  In that regard, ze is my elder. I use this as a […]

Trans in the Workplace: It’s Not Just About Gender

Chris is a straight white man in his early 20s living in Maryland. Chris is also transgender. In October 2007, he left his job at a local amusement park because he could no longer put up with the severe homophobic harassment and transphobic dress codes he was forced to endure. From the beginning, the pay […]

Gender Behind Bars

Ophelia De’lonta, a transgender woman inmate housed in a men’s prison, is suing the state of Virginia for failing to provide her with adequate medical care. When the Virginia Department of Corrections denied De’Lonta’s request for genital surgery, she attempted self-castration. De’Lonta’s story is part of a much larger picture. It is all-too-common for prisons […]

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