Planned Parenthood Is Under Attack. What Do We Do? Stand Up, Fight Back!


Earlier today, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards faced off for more than five hours with lawmakers in Congress, defending her organization and its work providing health care to millions of women and men. During the often-tense exchange, Richards reiterated to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that accusations that Planned Parenthood benefits heavily from the sale of […]

6 Ways You Can Stand With Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood provides critical health services—such as cancer screenings and STI testing—to 2.7 million women and men every year. But anti-choice lawmakers are wrongly claiming that Planned Parenthood mostly provides abortions (in fact, abortions account for just 3 percent of all the health services Planned Parenthood provides) and they’re fighting to strip the organization of its […]

New Study Reveals Scary Consequence of Catcalling


As if catcalling wasn’t bad enough, a new study has found that women who feel objectified may be more likely to become victims of sexual assault. The study, published recently in Psychology of Violence, found that many women who feel objectified begin to obsessively monitor their looks from an outsider’s perspective. That can lead to decreased sexual assertiveness and a higher risk […]

Introducing Your New #WCE: Ishita Malaviya, India’s First Woman Surfer

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Ishita Malaviya always dreamt of becoming a surfer, but didn’t think there were any waves in India, her home country. But about eight years ago, she and her boyfriend, fellow surfer Tushar Pathiyan, stumbled upon an ashram in the small university town of Manipal that was packed full of surfers from California. “We were super excited to […]

The Feminist Coloring Book You’ve Always Dreamt of Is Finally Here

MoreThanAPrincess Cover 3D-1000px

Plenty of brands, parents and even schools are embracing a more gender-neutral approach to childhood, but the options for creative kids who want to color remain limited. Princesses and gardens for girls, cars and trucks for boys—yawn! That’s why we were excited to discover Dream Big! More than a Princess. Each page of the coloring book features […]

The Not-So-Progressive Pope


As Pope Francis prepares for his first-ever visit to the United States, many are looking back on his first years as pontiff and evaluating what have been, by some measure, a series of “radical,” “progressive” or otherwise surprising gestures. From pronouncements about abortion and divorce to a denouncement of the gender pay gap, the pope […]

More Evidence that the Affordable Care Act is Working


Census data released Wednesday show that in 2014, the number of Americans without health insurance dropped by 8.8 million from the previous year. Officials say that’s thanks to the Affordable Care Act. What’s more, the Guttmacher Institute reported Wednesday that the ACA has also made long-acting reversible contraceptives—particularly intrauterine devices (IUDs)—far more accessible for insured women. According to the […]

We Heart: Connie Britton’s “Hair Secret”

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Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s… feminism! In a new video from The Representation Project—the group behind Miss Representation—actor Connie Britton of Nashville and Friday Night Lights reveals the secret to her shiny, gorgeous hair: feminism! In the video, Britton highlights some of the benefits of the f-word, her go-to beauty product: the 19th Amendment; the Violence Against […]

A Model-Free Ad Campaign We Can Get Behind

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You may have heard about Target using “real” women in its 2015 swimsuit campaign, or aerie publishing unretouched images of its models. And there’s been tons of great exposure for plus-size models this year. All of these efforts are steps toward a more realistic media landscape, and we’re really loving the latest move: an empowering ad campaign from clothing retailer The Limited. The […]

These Works of Art Will Make You Feel Feminist as F*ck


Women artists have long been kept out of art history textbooks and classrooms. Though the first-ever artist is said to be a woman who traced her lover’s silhouette on a wall, women have been underrepresented, if not outright maligned, by historians. But women have made remarkable contributions, and continue—despite resistance—to create work that reflects their realities. […]