Modern HERstory: Five Trailblazing Women and Girls Leading the Fight for Equality Worldwide

Despite making huge contributions to the liberation movements of the last century and today, these trailblazers come from backgrounds and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated. These are their stories.

Affordable Health Insurance is on the Ballot in 2018

The thought of health insurance without coverage for contraception, mammograms and childbirth? Plainly, it makes us sick.

Daring to Remember: What Women Will Do for Choice

An end to abortion access is not an end to abortion—only an end to safe, shame-free medical care. These stories are testimony to the lengths women are willing to go to in order to regain control over their bodies and their lives. They call themselves the lucky ones—because they are lucky to have survived.

Daring to Remember: Relief, Not Regret

These are the stories of women who sought out abortions—and found relief—despite attacks on abortion rights and access, and in some cases before Roe.

Daring to Remember: The Stories of Women Who Died Because They Had No Choice

Ms. community members shared the stories of the women in their families who died in the years before Roe from unsafe or self-induced abortions.

Bookmarks: 10 Feminist Books to Read This Spring

These spring reads span the global movement for workers’ rights, toxic masculinity, rape culture and the Trump era. (We’re also excited about two groundbreaking memoirs.)

End Patriarchy

The opportunities arising from this moment are countless. Let’s seize them.

Bookmarks: Feminist Reads for Winter

These six books will keep you busy—and inspired to keep fighting—as we start off 2018.

JOIN US: Celebrate Ms. With Gloria Steinem in NYC!

We’re celebrating 45 years of reporting, rebelling and truth-telling in New York City—and we want you to join us!

Bookmarks: 11 Great Fall Reads for Feminists

A literary sisterhood, a primer on reproductive justice, a working woman’s handbook for fighting sexism, a social justice chef and more.

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