The UN Must Confront Rape Against the Rohingya in Burma

“Sexual violence in conflict is not simply a human rights issue—it’s also a security challenge.”

WATCH: The #MeToo PSA Made Entirely By Women

A new PSA released by Women in Motion Pictures, a feminist collective of female filmmakers and actors, explores the scope of sexual harassment and its devastating effects on women and girls—in Hollywood and beyond.

Our Sex Trafficking Laws Hurt Sexually Exploited Girls

A call to action on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

#MeToo: Over 30 Years Later, I’m Reporting My Harassers

When the #MeToo movement first emerged, I thought that I had no interest in saying the words myself.

From Silence to Culture Shift: Inside the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The #MeToo campaign that took the world by storm strongly resonated with women in Egypt—but their fight has far to go.

The Weinstein Effect

How the downfall of one sexual predator can usher in an era of change for women everywhere.

A Reflection on Two Femicides

Male dominion over women’s lives must stop. Institutional support for men’s violence must stop. Rape and sexual harassment must stop. It’s all connected and it all must stop. 

Arizona State University Thinks Expulsion is “Too Severe” a Punishment for Rape

Arizona State University is pushing back on a Title IX commission recommendation that a student who raped another student be expelled, calling the punishment “too severe.” Students, however, are calling on them to stand by it.

This Is How We Stop the #MeToo Backlash

While we are seeing some accused men resigning or being fired as of late, in other arenas we are seeing them double-down. We must fight the backlash.

Women Will Keep Speaking Out—And The World Must Keep Listening

Women have spoken when no one is listening and women have spoken when the whole world is listening. 

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