#MeToo and the Midterms

The #MeToo movement has pushed some women to get more involved in American politics—but what about voters? Will attitudes about sexual harassment shape their decisions in the 2018 congressional midterms?

Excuse This Disruption: #MeToo Must Not Neglect Race

This moment is a pivotal one for our movement: Eric Schneiderman’s racism should provoke just as much disgust and demand for accountability as his misogyny.

Time’s Up for R. Kelly—Because It’s Long Past Time to Believe Black Survivors

Women of color within the Time’s Up campaign have joined forces with the activist-led #MuteRKelly campaign, demanding accountability for the decades of allegations of assault, exploitation and abuse against the entertainer.

This Week in Women: #MeToo Moments Around the World

This week, headlines and happenings around the world demonstrated the impact of the #MeToo movement—from Spain and Sweden to Somalia and the U.S. / Mexico border.

#MeTooWhatNext: Continuing Critical Conversations and Finding Solutions at the Intersections of Sex, Power and Leadership

What are the skills and perspectives we need in order to move forward towards transformative justice and healing justice? How do we address misogyny, white supremacy and patriarchy?

Fighting Back After La Manada

The future of this case isn’t clear—but what has been clarified in the aftermath of this injustice is the power of Spain’s feminist movement.

Counting Femicide: How Data Can Prevent Misogynist Violence

Dying as a woman is different than dying because you are a woman—but we lack the scientifically sound and comparable data on femicide we need to prevent the most extreme form of gender-based violence.

Poverty is Fueling the High Rates of Child Marriage in Turkey

While child marriage is often framed as a traditional practice, in Turkey it is actually largely an economical one.

Activists in India Mobilized After the Rape and Murder of an Eight-Year-Old Girl—And Won Legal Victories

After thousands of protestors took to the streets in Asifa Bano’s name, India’s cabinet held an emergency meeting to strengthen policies on child sexual abuse.

After La Manada: What the Wolf-Pack Means for Women in Spain

Women in Spain are asking themselves a shocking question: Do we have to choose between being believed or being killed? 

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