The Pussy Grab Chronicles

Her voice was low, calm. Powerful. “Don’t you ever fucking do that to a woman again.”

We Shouldn’t Have to Fight Back

We didn’t ask for it and we didn’t have it coming. We were victims of criminals who consciously chose to violate us. We owe it to ourselves to speak our truths and take back our control.

Moving Forward by Looking Back: Feminist Scholars in Solidarity with Seo-Young Chu

In response to Seo-Young Chu’s “Refuge for Jae-In Doe,” three Stanford women of color alumna revisit their shared time in graduate school—and find ways to amplify the demand the larger academy to recognize that #TimesUp.

I Filed Two Sexual Harassment Complaints—And It Was Hard Work

Before there were scores of #MeToo stories, there were legions of women who suffered the same thing and whose stories remain largely untold. I was one of those women.

We Don’t Help Most Victims When #MeToo Becomes About Punishing Abusers

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is an important part of our legal system, but we need to make sure this standard of evidence stays in the courtroom—and that our vision for a world without rape, assault and harassment extends beyond it.

This Is V-Day20: 20 Years Since I Met Eve

I first met Eve Ensler in a bombed-out theater in Sarajevo in 1998. She was already known by many as the playwright of the groundbreaking play, The Vagina Monologues, which she had performed off-Broadway as a one-woman show.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone? Include Them in Sexual Violence Prevention

We cannot rewrite history to ignore the fact that a culture of violence by men against women has existed for generations in the U.S. and in the world. But without gender-inclusive teamwork, the #MeToo movement will not reach effective solutions.

Safer Sports, Safer Girls

In the midst of the #MeToo movement and in the wake of gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse trial, Congress members of both parties vote to protect young athletes.

The Fear of Sexual Harassment is Robbing Women of Work Around the World

As long as sexual harassment is tolerated and those who perpetrate it can do so with impunity, women’s ability to earn a living for themselves and their families will be unfairly curtailed.

Five Ways the #MeToo and Climate Justice Movements Overlap

These two movements, though categorically different issues with separate impacts, actually have a great deal in common. And the opportunities to take action can be found in the same place.

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