We Heart: Jenny the Assistant, Whether She’s Real or Not

There are a variety of ways to leave a job. There’s the traditional two-weeks notice, the impassioned, Jerry Maguire-esque speech or the classic door slam. My favorite is the Maguire path (“I’m starting a new company, and the fish will come with me”) but the way the following young woman resigned is a close runner-up. Identified only as Jenny, she quit her job as an assistant to a sexist jerk, identified only as Spencer, by sending out an email to the entire office containing a series of photos with messages on a dry erase board.

The messages reveal that while transferring a call, she overhead her boss referring to her as a HPOA (Hot Piece of Ass). So she quit. And in exacting her comic revenge, she uses the employee monitoring software to show how he spends his time online: A couple hours on Scottrade, a couple on TechCrunch and then a whopping near-20 hours a week on Farmville! (Even I keep mine to a manageable 10 hours. Sheesh.)

However, thechive.com, which originally posted the story on Jenny, has yet to confirm the truthfulness of the story or Jenny’s full identity. The Huffington Post is even hinting it could be a hoax. Whatever the case, I’m sure women working for idiot bosses everywhere will be inspired by Jenny and her dry erase board.

And Jenny, if you really do exist and this isn’t as hoax, you should totally be our assistant!

And Spencer if you’re really out there, I’m sure your virtual crops are thriving! Unfortunately, here in the real world, no amount of Farmville points will stop people from thinking you’re a jerk. Needless to say, we spleen you.

Photos courtesy of thechive.com.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that this was a hoax created by thechive.com. Hilarious nonetheless.


Associate editor of Ms. magazine