Don’t Miss Muslima

In an effort to break stereotypes about Muslim women, The International Museum of Women (IMOW) has debuted the online exhibition Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices. It showcases stories, artwork and ideas from leading artists and women’s rights advocates in Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia and elsewhere in the world.

Including a collection of mini-memoirs called “Muslima Stories,” Muslima is open to all Muslim women to share their voice what it means to them to be Muslim in today’s society. According to spokesperson Sharene Azimi:

Muslima showcases the growing global movement of Muslim women who are asserting that male-dominated culture and politics–not Islam itself–have perpetuated the idea of women’s inferiority.

The content of the exhibit is expected to expand as user submissions are uploaded. For more information and to see the remarkable work on display, visit

Top: An excerpt from Tamadher al Fahim’s ‘zine, “Diary of a Mad Arabian Woman,” featured in IMOW’s latest online exhibition at Credit: Tamadher al Fahim. Below: Marilyn,” from Iranian artist Homa Arkani’s series “Share Me,” included in IMOW’s online exhibition at Credit: Homa Arkani