Abortion Provider Vows to Fight On After Extremist Sentenced to Five Years for Violent Clinic Attack

On Monday, Feb. 5, anti-abortion extremist Philip Buyno was sentenced to five years in prison for attacking the site of Affirmative Care Solutions (ACS), an abortion clinic planning to open in Danville, Illinois.

ACS owner and director, LaDonna Prince purchased the Illinois property last spring to open a new comprehensive reproductive healthcare facility in an abortion-access state following the Dobbs decision. ““This terrorist attack was intentionally timed to prohibit us from opening our doors. It delayed our opening by at least a year, perhaps more,” she testified.

Six Anti-Abortion Extremists Found Guilty of Conspiring and Blockading Tennessee Clinic

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, a federal jury in Nashville found six defendants guilty of conspiring to violate the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for blockading a Nashville-area clinic and intimidating patients and clinic employees.

In just two hours, a jury selected from Tennessee—the heart of the Bible Belt—returned a verdict against a group of extremists associated with Operation Save America, a national anti-abortion group, for obstructing the employee and patient entrances of carafem abortion clinic for almost three hours on March 5, 2021.