Giving Birth to Yourself: “The Doula”

During most major life transitions, there are those who are not at the center but bear witness. While they might go unrecognized, their presence is vital and their perspective often unique. A doula is someone who, by definition, holds such a role. Greek for the word “servant,” a doula supports a laboring mother and her […]

Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding Prof?

Before I had a child, I thought the perennial media issue dogging women was “work and life balance.”  Little did I realize how much breastfeeding was another evergreen. When stirred up into discussion of “work and life balance,” it creates a perfect maelstrom. Such as when Adrienne Pine, an assistant professor of anthropology at American […]

Momtroversy: How Feminist Is Attachment Parenting?

About a month ago, in anticipation of starting my son on solid foods I attended a seminar at a parenting support center in Los Angeles. Of course we must make our own baby food, the lecturer began: By chopping, steaming and pureeing (defrosting batch-cooked “food cubes” was eschewed due to potential vitamin loss) we could […]

Rescuing Your Daughter From the Princess

If you’ve been within 50 feet of a 4-year-old girl in the past decade, you can’t have escaped the fact that princess is a booming industry. From T-shirts emblazoned with “princess” to the fad for “makeover” parties to “princess potty seats”, there is no shortage of products with a tiara theme offered to girls. In […]

Reviving “Reviving Ophelia”

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, the breakaway bestseller first published in 1994 was possibly the one book that touched off the notion of a self-esteem “crisis” in pre-adolescent girls. Its author, Mary Pipher, based it on her experience as a psychologist working with adolescent girls in Lincoln, Neb., indicting American culture as […]