Embracing a ‘Soft Life’: Redefining Strength and Identity for Black Women

As enticing as the idea of the “strong Black woman” sounds, this myth of fierceness, fearlessness and resilience doesn’t hold up under the weight of the racism and sexism Black women face in trying to thrive daily. 

Enter the “soft life.” Soft life intentionally pursues an easy and peaceful life. A soft life is a lifestyle of comfort and relaxation with minimal challenges and stress. Black women rarely get to experience that and often are expected to be the backbone of their families. The ultimate goal is to thrive and enjoy life without having to endure hardships, pain or burdens. 

The Critical Role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education

The Supreme Court last month struck down affirmative action, effectively banning colleges and universities from considering race as a factor in admission decisions. Around the same time, in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed Senate Bill 17 into law, which bans DEI offices and trainings at publicly funded universities—making it the second state in the country to ban higher education diversity initiatives, after Florida. These bans follow wider discussions about the future of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in a collegiate setting.

Marginalized groups—particularly Black women like myself—routinely battle against the judgment of our appearance when we enter a space. DEI is the pathway to breaking down these barriers that threaten our humanity.