Why Marie Kondo Failed to Spark Permanent Joy

Domestic work in America has been a long-time battleground between the sexes. Further complicating the issue is that women and women of color make up a majority of domestic workers: 90.2 percent are women and 51.3 percent are Black, Hispanic, or Asian American and Pacific Islander. There is no honest and accurate way to talk about housework and childcare without also discussing the negative effects on women.

One day, perhaps the world will act as though domestic work is a collective responsibility and effort that requires no self-help books, a product line or a Netflix series.

Mom Can Answer All 30 of These Questions. Can Dad?

On Father’s Day, Joshua Ziesel, a clinical psychologist, wrote an essay about how women traditionally take on more mental labor than men. I welcome Ziesel to the next step of being the intellectually engaged and equally involved parent he strives to be.

Here are 30 questions that the average American mother will either immediately know the answer or know where the answer is.

Vice President Kamala Harris Can Only Fail Now

Intentionally and unintentionally, America put Vice President Harris on a well-deserved and hard-earned pedestal that’s higher than President Joe Biden’s. But heavy accolades come with high expectations that are rarely met in everyone’s eyes.

Kamala Harris is being set up to fall short of high expectations. Her inevitable mistakes will reinforce unrealistic standards for women of color.