Race-Conscious Policies—Including Affirmative Action—Are Necessary For Addressing Racial Inequity

Affirmative action recently survived yet another legal attack when the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Harvard’s favor in a case challenging affirmative action.

This latest case against Harvard demonstrates that color-blindness cannot uproot this country’s legacy of racism. We must face race head-on to meaningfully address the racial inequality that persists in our society.

Affirmative Action Survives Texas Court Challenge

Affirmative action survived a federal appellate court challenge in Texas on Tuesday. In a 2-1 split, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Texas at Austin can consider race in its admissions process. Writing for the three-judge panel, Judge Patrick Higginbotham wrote, “We find force in the argument that race here […]

Supreme Court Punts on Affirmative Action Case

At the beginning of a wild week of decision-making, the Supreme Court stalled on affirmative action Monday, ruling 7-1 in favor of sending Abigail Fisher’s case back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for further examination. By re-directing Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case back to the lower court, SCOTUS avoided taking […]

Michigan Affirmative-Action Ban Overturned

While we were all celebrating Independence Day by lighting barbecues and firing up sparklers, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals was reigniting the affirmative-action flame. Thanks to a 2-1 ruling, Michigan’s 2006 anti-affirmative action law has been deemed unconstitutional. The decision reverses a ban on affirmative action in all Michigan public institutions, including colleges […]