Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘Happy Go Lucky’ Haitian Children and the White Savior Narrative

Despite the national political drama that is swirling, in many ways, last week’s Senate hearings to approve Justice Amy Coney Barrett were uneventful (especially in comparison to the confirmation hearings that took place two years ago for Brett Kavanaugh). But, for me as a Haitian-American scholar who writes about representations of Haiti and Black girlhood, there was a moment that disturbed me.

It’s Her Choice: Amy Coney Barrett Can Refuse SCOTUS Confirmation

“As one of Amy Coney Barrett’s University of Notre Dame faculty colleagues … I am troubled by the circumstances of her meritorious rise. … Along with scores of my colleagues, in the interests of justice, I signed a letter outlining objections to her nomination. But I am going further here and asking Barrett to take the risk of refusing final confirmation now.”

*If you agree with the 74 percent of Americans who believe the Senate should be prioritizing COVID-19 relief, instead of pushing through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, call your senators at (202) 224-3121.

The Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett—and the End of Roe as We Know It

The result of an Amy Coney Barrett confirmation is clear: It will lurch the Court significantly to the right. The tenuous balance struck in June Medical Services will be lost.

The next abortion case to reach the Court (maybe a gestational limit, a fetal heartbeat law, a ban on an abortion procedure, or ban on sex and race selection) will likely find a much friendlier audience in this new Supreme Court.

Women’s Representation: Is Amy Coney Barrett a Mother? We Hadn’t Noticed.

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: how the U.S. went from 48th to 87th in women’s representation; pro-democracy measures on the ballot this November; the best (and worst) states to be a woman; new rules regarding mandates for women’s representation on publicly-owned company boards; a Black, queer, Muslim candidate could make history in Oklahoma; feminist reading recommendations; and is Amy Coney Barrett a mother? We hadn’t noticed.

What to Know About the Final Day of Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings

Thursday, the final day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court hearings, was a day primarily for outside witnesses to make their case for or against the nomination Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Before even hearing from the witnesses, Senate Republicans—the so-called “law and order” party—plowed through the rules of the Senate Judiciary Committee to schedule a committee vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination for Oct. 22.