Five Ways to Have a Feminist Valentine’s Day

Frustrated by the patriarchal, heteronormative, gendered conventions of Valentine’s Day? This year, celebrate V-Day in feminist fashion, without becoming a slave to commercialism. Here are a few ideas for a very feminist Valentine’s Day: 1) Scrap the manufactured “holiday” altogether. Celebrate V-Day instead. Contrary to popular usage, the “V” in V-Day is not just a […]

Take a Class with bell hooks

Reading bell hooks has practically become a feminist rite of passage. Having published dozens of books and papers, including Feminism is for Everybody, the distinguished professor at Berea College has made brilliant contributions to feminism. She’s also become an icon for budding feminists, and many of us may find ourselves wishing that we could take […]

March Madness Made Me Question My Feminist Credentials

While the Syracuse University men’s basketball team finished their run in the 2012 NCAA March Madness tournament against Ohio State, I watched with a heavy hoops fan’s heart at a bar on campus with hundreds of other Orange fans. As a feminist, though, my enthusiastic support for my school’s basketball team feels problematic at times. I cheer and cry for […]

Black Herstory: The Founders of the Feminist Party

It never ceases to amaze me how many students in my women’s studies classes have never heard the names Flo Kennedy, Pauli Murray and Shirley Chisholm (left), all Black women. Yet they “might have heard” of Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique and a white woman, thus suggesting that Black feminist founders of the movement have been written out of feminist history.

Happy-To-Be-Nappy Barbie

This week, a group of black women in Columbus, Ga., started a campaign to donate 40 black Barbie dolls to young black girls. And here’s the twist: Before gifting the Barbies, the women used boiling water and pipe cleaners to transform them into curly-haired “beauties.” In my 32 years on this earth, I’ve owned a […]

Ryan Gosling, Feminist Scholar

We didn’t think we could love Ryan Thomas Gosling more than we already do here at the Ms. Blog. He’s so talented, so darn good-looking, so noble–and so willing to call out the patriarchy! I mean, the guy is quoted as saying, It’s misogynistic in nature to try and control a woman’s sexual presentation of self. […]

Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction Countdown: 50-41

Within books 50 to 41, you’ll find several controversial takes on motherhood and many a memoir, including a reflection on the personal impact of breast cancer, a graphic autobiography from a dyke to watch out for and some gutsy revelations from a Nation columnist. You’ll also see a satire of how the patriarchy tries to dampen […]

Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction Countdown: 60-51

The next 10 books picked by Ms. readers take us on a journey through history, from 20,000-year-old goddess worship to the 3,500-year-old origins of patriarchy to 400 years of U.S. women’s history all the way up to the 2008 presidential bid of Hillary Clinton. Next, bell hooks and Gloria Steinem get personal by looking at […]