Why 100 Women Just Marched 100 Miles

On Tuesday, 100 women from various backgrounds, faiths and nationalities completed their 100-mile walk to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Their pilgrimage, which began last Tuesday at an immigrant detention center in York, Pennsylvania, was organized by a coalition of groups to send a clear message: Our […]

Pope Francis Has Turned a Blind Eye

This article first appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Ms. Subscribe today to get the whole issue in your mailbox or inbox! The Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal took a dramatic turn this summer when criminal charges were filed against an archdiocese for “turning a blind eye” to repeated reports of abuse by a priest. Prosecutors alleged […]

The Not-So-Progressive Pope

As Pope Francis prepares for his first-ever visit to the United States, many are looking back on his first years as pontiff and evaluating what have been, by some measure, a series of “radical,” “progressive” or otherwise surprising gestures. From pronouncements about abortion and divorce to a denouncement of the gender pay gap, the pope […]

Barbara Blaine: Exposing Priests’ Sexual Abuse

This March, for Women’s History Month, the Ms. Blog is profiling Wonder Women who have made history—and those who are making history right now. Join us each day as we bring you the stories of iconic and soon-to-be-famous feminist change-makers. In September of 2011, Barbara Blaine, the founder of the Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests, […]

Calafia: Re-appropriating the Amazon Queen

Well-known Latin American folklore/saints have been presented through the eyes of the colonizer for centuries now. Stories of La Llorona (the bad mother), La Malinche (the traitor) and Santa Maria de Guadalupe (the good mother) have been labeled this way since the time of colonization. However, many Chicana/Xicana academics have reclaimed these images by revealing the complexities […]

What Happens if Your Health Plan Provider is Catholic?

Reprinted with permission from Kaiser Health News. Read the original article here. Catholic and other religious hospitals and universities have been arguing in federal court for much of the past two years that they shouldn’t have to offer or facilitate birth control as part of their employee health plans because it violates their religious beliefs. But what […]