Virginia Promotes CPCs, Along with Anti-Abortion Agenda

Feminists across the country heralded the defeat of Virginia’s transvaginal ultrasound bill last February as one of the major victories in the War on Women. But while its amended law, which went into effect July 1, mandates only external ultrasounds, the statute still requires women to seek an ultrasound 24 hours before their scheduled abortions–a medically unnecessary […]

The Anti-Abortion Game of Life

To bring down the high chlamydia infections rate among Tennessee teenagers, an anti-abortion pregnancy center in Athens, Tenn., has proposed spending federal tax dollars on a life-sized version of the Game of Life. The “Teen Life Maze” is just one of the ideas put forth by a cluster of crisis pregnancy centers that are receiving government […]

1,000 Reasons To Trust Women

As a clinic assistant at two Planned Parenthood clinics, I’ve listened to approximately 1,000 women tell me about their abortion decisions. These women came from all over the world. Some were mothers, students, wives or girlfriends; some were only girls. They were different in many ways, but what they wanted was the same: a safe […]

Would I Lie To You? CPCs Claim Protection Under First Amendment

On Friday, a federal appeals court heard arguments over the constitutionality of two Maryland ordinances which require crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) to provide clear and public information regarding the services they offer to women. For those who are unaware of them, CPCs are anti-abortion organizations masquerading as women’s healthcare centers. They often use misleading advertisements […]

Steered Wrong By Googling “Abortion Services”? It’s No Accident

The strategy of using abortion-related keywords to send a woman searching the web for abortion information to a nearby crisis pregnancy center is already a few years old. But the scheme only received real national attention a couple of months ago, when Siri, Apple’s new voice-activated search assistant, was caught sending women looking for abortion clinics to centers that specialize in talking women out of abortions.

Need Birth Control? Don’t Bother Asking Apple’s Siri

Want to use Apple’s new interactive “Siri” on your iPhone? “She” has tons of information–just as long as you don’t ask about birth control, abortion, emergency contraception or even mammograms. In asking Siri a few easy reproductive-health questions, it was discovered that she appears to have a blind spot when it comes to women’s health. […]