San Francisco Stands Up to CPCs

The fight against crisis pregnancy centers’ (CPCs) false advertising continued in San Francisco this week. On August 2nd, a bill was introduced before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that would make it illegal for CPCs to falsely advertise pregnancy-related services as abortion services. CPCs are primarily religious or ideologically based anti-choice facilities that have […]

The States’ War on Women

In recent months we’ve become well aware of how U.S. House Republicans are trying to decimate services of vital importance to women. Don’t take your eyes off your local statehouse, though: There, legislators have pushed the war on women equally far, cracking down on reproductive rights and cutting funding for education and health programs that […]

NEWSFLASH: Disclosure Law for Fake Clinics Blocked in NYC; Federal Law Against False Advertising Reintroduced

When last we spoke to New York City Council member Jessica Lappin, she felt confident that the truth-in-advertising bill she successfully proposed–which requires crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) to disclose whether they have licensed medical staff, among other things–would stand up to legal challenges. Unfortunately, Round One has gone to the CPCs, as federal judge William […]

A Reprieve in South Dakota; Bad News Everywhere Else

In a challenging time for reproductive rights in the U.S., it’s a relief to occasionally read a bit of good news. So here it is: Late last week, a federal court blocked South Dakota’s new anti-choice law, which would have required women to wait 72 hours–the longest, most extreme waiting period in the country–before getting […]

Operation Rescue Targets Maryland Clinic

Anti-abortion groups Operation Rescue of Wichita, KS, and the Maryland Coalition for Life have leased an office space directly across a parking lot from an abortion clinic in Germantown, MD, in order to set up a so-called crisis pregnancy center (CPC). Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who became a prime target of Operation Rescue protests following the […]

Big Apple Takes Big Step Against CPCs

The battle against crisis pregnancy centers’ (CPCs’) deceptive tactics rages on, and this time New York City has joined the fight. The City Council passed a truth-in-advertising bill on Wednesday in order to combat about a dozen CPCs that are currently operating in the city. The bill’s passage comes after a federal judge struck down a […]

South Dakota Votes To Triple Abortion Wait Time

Under the guise of protecting and informing women, the South Dakota State Senate voted on Wednesday 21-to-13 to pass a bill (HB 1217) that triples the current 24-hour wait time for an abortion and mandates anti-abortion counseling. During the new 72-hour wait, women seeking abortions would have to go to a pregnancy health center for […]

Oh, Baltimore!

On January 31, U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis ruled that an ordinance regulating crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in Baltimore violates the constitutional right to free speech. In his decision, Garbis wrote [PDF]: Whether a provider of pregnancy-related services is “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” it is for the provider–not the government–to decide when and how to […]