Democracy is Worth Waiting For

We are going to go to bed on election night, not knowing the results of the presidential election or the dozens of down-ballot races in every state.

And we will be fine. This year, we are going to have to wait for democracy to run its course.

Request Your Ballot Day: Voters Shouldn’t Have To Choose Between Their Health and Their Vote

Thursday, September 10 is Request Your Ballot Day. The right to vote is a basic American freedom, but no one should have to choose between voting and protecting their health. Voting by mail is one of the most secure ways to vote—it leaves a paper trail, and has strong security measures that ensure the authenticity of ballots and track them from the day they’re printed to the day they’re counted. Request your mail-in ballot today!

“Haven’t Seen Anything This Bad”: Trump Administration Starves the U.S. Postal Service

President Trump is using new schemes to prevent a November election—this time against a beloved public institution: the post office. The politicized effort to destroy the Post Office in an election year has confused and worried many—considering 91 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of the USPS.

Luckily, lawmakers in the House and the Senate, as well as two coalitions of at least 21 state attorneys general, are fighting back. And the pressure seems to be working.

Vote 2020: Start Planning Today

This year more than ever, every single one of us must make our voices heard. It’s critical that we understand our rights and navigate the system of roadblocks and misinformation erected to undercut and undercount our votes. Start planning your roadmap today to the destination, which is safe and successful voting so that your vote is counted on, not after, November 3.

#SaveThePostOffice: In Defense of USPS

“USPS’s overall financial condition is deteriorating and unsustainable.” USPS’s board has requested $75 billion in the next coronavirus bill. Yet, Trump has threatened to veto any COVID-19 legislation that includes bailout funding for the USPS—in spite of its “essential service” status during the pandemic.