The Merseyside Model: Crimes Against Sex Workers Are Hate Crimes

When prostitutes are made to disappear, most of society does not care, and most of the cases remain unsolved. Women in prostitution suffer higher rates of murder (the mortality rate for women in prostitution in London is 12 times the national average —according to Home Office, a UK government agency that deals with crime and policing), higher rates of […]

Women’s Rights Key To Effective Global AIDS Response

As the XIX International AIDS Conference proceeds in Washington, D.C., this week, its pertinent to note that a new report by the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, an independent body of former world leaders and top legal, human rights and HIV experts, has labeled the global response to the AIDS epidemic as “stifled” by various […]

Greek Sex Workers Face Forced HIV Tests; Malawi Workers Fight Back

Greece has been a mainstay in the international press as it endures harsh austerity measures in the face of the global economic crisis.  But recent news reports have also focused on a second disturbing reality: At the end of April, Greek police began systematically arresting sex workers, forcing them to undergo HIV testing and posting the […]

Condoms As Evidence of Police Endangering Public Health

Currently in the state of New York, police and prosecutors use condoms as evidence of prostitution-related offenses, including the murky crime of “loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense.” Even when they don’t use condoms as evidence to aid them in making arrests and convictions, in the process of doing their stop-and-frisks […]

Future of Feminism: Sex Workers Deserve Dignity and Care

There’s no doubt that sex work in its various manifestations, ranging from stripping to prostitution to pornography, remains a contentious issue. It’s one on which even feminists notoriously disagree–a “fracture in ideology,” according to Kate Holden–with discussions veering back and forth between victimization and empowerment. Of course there’s a substantial difference between becoming a sex […]

A New Mexico Escort Speaks Out About the Albuquerque Busts

Jennifer is an escort working in New Mexico. She graciously agreed to be interviewed about the recent prostitution bust in Albuquerque [Editors’ note: which Ms. Blogger Laura Paskus covered here]. The David Flory she refers to is the man accused of running the Southwest Companions (SWC) website and other charges. How did you find out […]