Meet the Student Activists Pushing Back on New Sexual Misconduct Policies at the University of Michigan

A new misconduct policy at University of Michigan requires survivors of sexual violence to be cross-examined by their alleged attackers—or face the dismissal of their complaint.

Sex or Eviction: Confronting Sexual Harassment in Housing

We’ve heard a lot in the last year about sexual harassment at work and in schools—but what about sexual harassment at home?

The 10 #MeToo Sheroes Who Led the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in 2018

2018 was a powerful year for survivors, advocates and their allies working to end sexual harassment—and these sheroes led the way.

We Can’t End Sexual Assault Without Consent Education

Researchers from Columbia University found that early sex education covering consent decreased rates of sexual assault, whereas abstinence-only instruction did not.

Advocates are Demanding That Verizon Ensure Fair Supply Chains for Women Workers

Reports of rampant sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination have spurred investigations into the abuse of women workers who package and ship Verizon’s phones. As their findings come to the fore, advocates are now calling for action.

‘Tis the Season to Be Notorious: The Feminist RBG Holiday Gift Guide

There’s no truth without Ruth—and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend the season spreading her spirit of feminist righteousness! 

Flight Attendants are Fighting a Culture of Harassment at American Airlines

When flight attendant Melissa Chinery’s male co-workers took to Facebook to make offensive and threatening comments about her, she filed a sexual harassment grievance with her employer. Instead of disciplining her harassers, however, American Airlines promoted them.

Pregnant Workers Deserve Better Than Impossible and Unfair Choices

Federal law allows employers in the U.S. to deny pregnant workers basic accommodations—and effectively force them to choose between their jobs and their pregnancies.

The Politics of Fighting Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

Despite broad-based, bi-partisan support for laws against child sex trafficking, the politics behind them are complicated.

Taking On Rachel Mitchell’s “Outrageous,” “Ridiculous” and “Disingenuous” Memo Attacking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Mitchell’s memo is yet one more example of how the legal system so often fails survivors.

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