#MeToo: Over 30 Years Later, I’m Reporting My Harassers

When the #MeToo movement first emerged, I thought that I had no interest in saying the words myself.

10 Women (and Girls!) Who Inspired Us in 2017

Women and girls this year stepped up, spoke out and kicked butt to demand our rights. In particular, these 10 inspired us to keep fighting.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Anita Hill, #MeToo and What Comes Next

Anita Hill’s testimony raised awareness about sexual harassment and mobilized women and girls to fight back on multiple fronts. The #MeToo movement has, too.

Breaking Down How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics

“I want people to be mad because they were duped. Because our lives don’t have to be this hard.”

The 10 Most Egregious Things about Trump’s New Rules on Birth Control Coverage

How appropriate that these scary new rules went into effect on Friday the 13th!

Civil Rights Wronged

While headlines focus on the latest White House scandal, President Donald Trump’s executive agencies are working quietly to roll back civil rights protections and enforcement.

The Department of Injustice

While politics have always influenced the priorities of the Civil Rights Division, both Republic and Democratic appointees heading the Division have supported its core mission—to enforce the nation’s civil rights laws. But is that still true?

The Impact and Legacy of Ms. on Feminist Scholarship and Teaching

“[Ms.] not only helps my students understand the issues, but it also shows them how to fight back!” A conversation between Ms. authors and Co-Chairs of the Ms. Committee of Scholars.

Nevada Says ERA Yes

In Nevada, the November 2016 elections set the stage for the state’s groundbreaking vote for equality.

Fighting For True “Workplace Advancement” in the Trump Era

“Just because you slap the name ‘strong families’ on a bill doesn’t mean that you actually care about families.”

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