Feminist Fix: Demanding Accountability for Harassment and Assault—From Hollywood to the Hill

Women have continued to come forward about rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment by powerful men—including Congressional candidate Roy Moore and comedian Louis C.K.—and the call to take domestic violence seriously is louder than ever in the wake of Sutherland Springs. Also inside: Hillary’s letter to her younger self, demands for a DREAM Act, Germany’s third gender, a big boom in ACA enrollment and other feminist links!

Feminist Fix: Exposing Abusive Male Allies, Redesigning the Speculum and Translating The Odyssey

The University of Notre Dame is attacking birth control coverage for students, fighting sexual harassment in Congress and in Hollywood, the NYPD’s case against Weinstein, Tim Kaine’s pledge to fight sexism, Wonder Woman makes more history and more feminist links from the week!

This Week in Women: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Economic Justice

Zooming in on the young (and female) reporter broke the story that ended Bill O’Reilly’s career, the female newsroom team that took down Harvey Weinstein, the women who accused famed political journalist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment and the women overseas championing economic equality as part of the fight to end sexual exploitation.

Feminist Fix: Indigenous Women Take on Big Oil, Nicki Minaj Takes on Radio and Hollywood Continues to Take on Sexism

Women in Hollywood and beyond are coming out with stories of sexual harassment, and their assailants are facing the consequences. Also: Marvel makes LGBT history, Uruguay’s first-ever out elected trans woman won’t stop fighting for equality, Chelsea Handler is leaving her show to campaign for women’s rights, the NYT talked to the girls who escaped Boko Haram and other feminist links from the week!

Feminist Fix: Jemele Hill, Rose McGowan and Malala Aren’t Backing Down

Afghanistan’s only female Governor was pushed out of her post by sexism, menstruation stories in India are smashing stigma, Gloria Steinem and Sady Doyle on Harvey Weinstein, “Jessica Jones” just got even more feminist, a new study shows the scary distance between choice and access, Justin Trudeau on raising feminist sons and other feminist links!

Congressional Lawmakers Want to Codify Title IX Protections for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

“Today, we introduced The Title IX Protection Act for one reason: We aren’t going back.”

We Heart: Girls From Around the World Lip-Syncing to Beyoncé to Fight Inequality

Good news! We found your Day of the Girl anthem, and it’s chock-full of feminism.

What Will Happen As More and More Women Tell the Truth About Their Lives—And the Sexism of Men in Power?

Breaking the silence is only the first step—but the stories women are opting to tell about men like Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein could mark giant leaps.

The Trump Administration Just Dismantled the Affordable Care Act’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

“These new rules are, by definition, a discriminatory attack on women.”

Feminist Fix: Marching for Black Women’s Lives and Fighting for an End to Gun Violence

UN peacekeepers pull out of a mission plagued by sexual violence, abortion restrictions advance in the House but get struck down in the states, a Congressional hearing on “stealthing,” Ivanka Trump’s report card, Ruth Bader Ginsburg talks about the election, Cam Newton mocks a female journalist, women are at the top of the National Book Award shortlist, the “What Happened” book club and other feminist links!

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