The War on Women Report No. 4

This week, the Trump administration rolled back Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors, came under fire for racist and anti-LGBT judicial nominees and declared their support for the Graham-Cassidy bill and its destruction of women’s healthcare access.

Feminist Fix: Hillary Clinton Isn’t Going Anywhere and Dolores Huerta is Tired of Being Erased

Anti-abortion extremists are invading clinics, a county in North Carolina unanimously endorsed CEDAW, the fourth PowerPuff Girl is a woman of color, Lena Waithe better not be last, it turns out everyone wants to read “What Happened,” new studies on pay equity and more feminist links from the week!

The Battle Goes On

A lot has changed since Billie Jean King hoisted a trophy in victory over her head on September 20, 1973 after a historic “Battle of the Sexes” against Bobby Riggs at the Houston Astrodome. Some things haven’t changed enough.

Feminist Fix: Stop Telling Hillary Clinton to Shut Up (And Other Feminist Links)

Billie Jean King looks backward and forward, Munroe Bergdorf moves on from L’Oreal, Kirsten Gillibrand takes on Betsy DeVos, action steps for the week and more feminist news!

Feminist Fix: L’Oreal’s First Black Trans Model Speaks Out, Pramila Jayapal Talks Back and Tig Notaro Crafts the Right Conversation on Sexual Assault

The First White President, what “Insecure” means for young Black women, renaming Trump State Park, a deep-dive into the war on voting, Black women making history in sports and at West Point and other feminist news and updates from the week!

Remembering Kate Millett

Dr. Kate Millett, a groundbreaking feminist writer, artist and activist, died this week in Paris at 82.

Feminist Fix: Immigrants Speak Out on Trump’s America, the U.S. Looks for (Even More) Hidden Figures and Men in Somaliland Join the Fight for Gender Equality

Thousands of faith leaders and a hundred activists from Charlottesville take the fight for racial justice to Washington, Lena Waithe speaks out, a new study exposes the racism in Trump’s America, an abortion provider in Germany won’t stop working, Lebanon closes loopholes for rapists and more feminist news from the week!

Confederate Statues Across the Country are Coming Down in the Wake of Charlottesville

The push to preserve Confederate monuments that has become a rallying cry for white supremacists and white nationalists is facing more resistance from activists and lawmakers than ever after a deadly riot unfolded at a protest defending a statue of Robert E. Lee.

There Is Only One Side

As a nation, we must decide where we will stand: on the side of hate and violence or the side of love and equality. If the Trump administration cannot decide which they choose, we will just have to dig in our heels as we fight for ours.

Feminist Fix: Ladysplaining the Google Memo, Tackling Domestic Violence in the NFL and Challenging Gender Norms in New Hampshire

Kesha’s comeback, Taylor Swift’s sexual assault trial, what Maggie Hassan’s career has taught kids in New Hampshire, inside the Trump administration’s Bible study group, solidarity in Texas, a study into the pushback on the ACA birth control benefit and more feminist news and updates from the week!

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