Penn State and Syracuse May Open Much-Needed “Windows” for Child-Sex-Abuse Survivors

Last week, Pennsylvania lawmakers held informal hearings to discuss legislative action in the wake of the Penn State scandal. One idea was mandating that witnesses report such crimes to police (since apparently that’s not a “no-duh“). Two other top reforms emerged that may seem less obvious, but are no less necessary. The first is to […]

Predators Are Telling Children “You Are Special.” Why Aren’t Our Communities?

The most powerful three words of a child predator are: “You are special.” When a predator tells a child she is “special,” he is using the ultimate con, filling a huge void in a vulnerable child’s life. This grooming behavior allows a criminal full access into a child’s psyche to make it easy to sexually […]

No Joy in Penn State, But a Flicker of Hope

No one knew exactly what was going to happen. But as the Penn State Nittany Lions walked onto the field at Beaver Stadium on Saturday, the applause that grew in the stands was loaded. How do you clap for a program led by a man who knew that one of his coaches molested at least […]

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