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Indian Activists Protest Gang Rape

Protests erupted in India yesterday in response to a violent gang rape on a bus in South Delhi. Protesters, mostly students and women's organizations, held protests in streets of the city of Delhi and demonstrated in front of the city's police headquarters calling for new attitudes towards rape. Protesters who gathered outside of the home of Delhi's Chief Minister were blasted with a water cannon from police forces.

On Sunday, a 23 year old medical student and her male partner was accosted while riding a bus in South Delhi. Both were beaten and the woman was raped repeatedly by four men. She has required multiple surgeries for head and intestinal injuries. A few days later, a 15 year old was raped in the northern state of Bihar.

Sehba Farooqui, an activist for Indian women's rights, said "We have been screaming ourselves hoarse demanding greater security for women and girls. But the government, the police and others responsible for public security have ignored the daily violence that women face." A student protester told reporters "We want to jolt people awake from the cozy comfort of their cars. We want
people to feel the pain of what women go through every day."

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