‘A Whole Generation of People Who Don’t Know How To Take Care of People’: Training Ob-Gyn Medical Residents In a Post-Roe World

A peek into the first class of medical professionals applying to residency in a post-Roe America.

“My personal take is that it’s really hard to learn in an environment of scarcity and an environment of fear,” said Dr. Lauren Thaxton, an ob-gyn professor at the University of Texas Dell Medical School. “And I think that those are two things that are very realistic in some of these restrictive states.”

Shifting the Onus of Responsibility From Victims of Anti-Asian Violence to Perpetrators: Looking Beyond “Situational Awareness”

The other day, I received an email from my medical school in response to increased acts of violence and hate against Asians—like me. The Department of Public Safety was offering “Situational Awareness” training sessions. While well intended, situational awareness training returns the onus and therefore responsibility of safety squarely on the shoulders of victims of violence.