Independent Abortion Clinics Are Critical to the Healthcare Ecosystem—And Must Be Protected

Across the U.S., indie clinics are often the last line of defense. In 2022 alone, at least 42 independent abortion clinics have been forced to close or stop providing abortion care.

Despite ongoing challenges, we’ve seen the resilience of independent clinics and providers and heard the voices of voters and the public like never before. We need everyone in this fight to keep our clinics open.

Independent Abortion Providers Are on the Front Lines in the Assault on Reproductive Rights

Over the last decade alone, abortion clinics have been closing at an alarming rate. Six states have only one brick-and-mortar abortion clinic left. Four of these are small, independent clinics helping patients access critical abortion care. 

Nineteen years ago on March 10, 1993, Dr. David Gunn, a physician who dedicated his life to providing abortion services in rural communities, was murdered by a white supremacist anti-abortion extremist. On the anniversary of his death, we celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day as a way to honor his life and recognize all the courageous, compassionate people who, despite the growing obstacles, provide abortion care every day.