Working Teachers Don’t Need a Superman

Waiting for Superman, the latest education documentary offering the fix for failing schools, hyped by MTV, Oprah and Time magazine, will be released to select theaters today. Director Davis Guggenheim wants Waiting to do for education what his previous documentary An Inconvenient Truth, did for global warming: to “spread responsibility among ‘all the adults’ for […]

Still Laboring for Justice

Corporations are individuals–but women just might not count as a class of people. Especially if these million-plus women have worked for Walmart, the largest employer in the world. The discount retailing behemoth has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether those women can file a class-action suit against it; four lower courts have already said […]

This Canadian American Mourns the Public Option

Evidence continues to mount about the failures of the U.S. system of health care. Illness and medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. Even with approximately 45.7 million uninsured, we spend far more on healthcare (and get less) than nations with universal healthcare. For women the reports are even bleaker, especially if you’re older or not white.