Haiti’s Women 6 Months Later: Getting Back to Work

Nearly six months after the earthquake in Haiti, those of us involved in the UN humanitarian response are still struggling to provide those who have survived sexual violence with access to services they need–not an easy task, since there wasn’t much in the way of services for them to begin with. At the same time, […]

Haiti Post-Quake: In Unity We Find Strength

Today is Flag Day in Haiti. This symbol of Haitian freedom was sewn by Catherine Flon–I mentioned her in a previous post–on this date in 1803. Catherine created a symbol that represents the struggles for freedom in Haiti and the heroes and heroines who made it possible. The flag is blue and red, with the phrase […]

Treating Rape Survivors in Post-Earthquake Haiti

During National Health Week, we might take a few moments to think about health issues of women beyond U.S. borders–such as in Haiti, where I’m stationed with the U.N. humanitarian response. As residents of the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, women in Haiti have always struggled with health concerns, and those have only been […]

Haitian Feminists Celebrate Lost Leaders

What better place to have spent International Women’s Day than in solidarity with Haitian feminists? It was a moving event full of singing, speeches, candles and tears,  marked by profound respect for Myriam Merlet, Magalie Marcelin and Anne Marie Coriolan–feminist leaders who were lost during the earthquake. The event was organized by CONAP, the Haitian women’s umbrella organization, […]

Dispatch from Haiti: Finding Safe Spaces for Women

March 4, Port-au-Prince. Five days into my new life in Haiti, working for the United Nations. Days are so full it feels like I have been here much longer. Working on gender-based violence is always a full-time job, but more so here than anywhere else I’ve been. This work has taken me around the world–to […]