Defeating Personhood: A Critical But Incomplete Victory for Reproductive Justice

The headlines all say it: “Personhood defeated in Mississippi!” This was a tremendous victory for the pro-choice movement, one that started campaigning on the ground only September 8, years after proponents of the “Yes on 26” ballot initiative flooded the state with a superbly orchestrated campaign that included well-financed organizing and petition drives. As of this writing, […]

Race, Class and Rights in Mississippi: Save the Pill and Save the Vote

Two upcoming Mississippi ballot initiatives–Number 26, on so-called “personhood,” and Number 27, on Voter ID exclusions–may be one of the most important on-the-ground opportunities for the pro-choice and reproductive justice movements to work together. By co-joining race (Voter ID-27) with gender (so-called “Personhood”-26), we have an excellent opportunity to experience intersectionality in practice. Black women […]

Dr. Dorothy Height, A Sister Whose Shoulders We Stand On

Under the leadership of Dr. Height, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) broadened its agenda to speak out more broadly on civil rights issues and worked to ensure that civil rights organizations understood women’s issues as race issues.

That’s why in 1963, during the famous March on Washington led by Martin Luther King, Jr., she was the only woman on the stage, although none of the male speakers mentioned women’s rights. She was disappointed and worked tirelessly to build bridges between the women’s rights and civil rights movement.