Democrats and Republicans Focus on Different Priorities While Battling Over Coronavirus Stimulus Package

In an attempt to soften the damage the coronavirus is inflicting on the economy, Rep. Maxine Waters, Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, released plans for a Phase Three coronavirus legislative package with comprehensive fiscal stimulus and public policy recommendations. But while Democrats prioritize assistance to people being hurt by job losses and layoffs, Republicans in the Senate seem more focused on corporate tax cuts.

Coronavirus Relief Bill Signed into Law—Including Paid Sick Leave and Free COVID-19 Testing

On Wednesday, the Senate passed legislation that will provide paid sick and family leave for many Americans, as well as free coronavirus testing and strengthened unemployment insurance. In a rare showing of bipartisanship, the bill, known as the “Families First Act,” passed 90-8. It now heads to President Trump’s desk, who expressed support for the bill and is likely to sign.