A Memoir Of Family, Caregiving and Redemption: “Some Things Can Be Deleted, Just Often Not The Memory”

Deborah J. Cohan’s ‘Welcome to Wherever We Are: A Memoir of Family, Caregiving, and Redemption’ shows the complexities of unconditional love.

“My dad’s erratic meanness … was all mixed up with his erratic kindness. The erratic nature of it all actually became predictable—predictable erraticness, erratic predictability. … my dad’s behavior was all too often so impossible that I questioned her loyalty and why she stayed; I never really understood them together. Now at 49, I understand it better, through the prism of my own love for my dad, my own loyalty to him, even amid all that went on.”

Fighting for Freedom and Abolition from Across the Border

Free-soil havens abroad formed the international stage upon which the fight to end American slavery took place.

Weaving together themes of Black mobility, information circulation, jurisdictional dispute, and transnational abolitionism, ‘Beacons of Liberty’ investigates the individual and collective influence these international free-soil havens had on the American anti-slavery movement over the 50-year period between 1813 and 1863.