The Weekly Pulse: Bye-Bye to Hyde; Hundreds March in Support of Abortion Rights; Tracking COVID Origins Without Igniting AAPI Hate

In this edition: President Biden excludes the Hyde Amendment from his $6 trillion budget proposal; the World Health Organization (WHO) approves China’s new vaccine for global use; Biden re-opens intelligence probe into the origins of COVID-19; and abortion rights advocates channel their anger into protests and lawsuits.

America Might Finally Get a Comprehensive Care System

The Biden–Harris administration’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan taken together would lay the foundation for building comprehensive child care and early learning, creating greater access to home- and community-based services with a well paid workforce, and paid family and medical leave for everyone that would bolster women’s workforce participation, support healthy child development and learning, ensure people with disabilities can live independently, support aging with dignity, and ensure a flourishing economic future for everyone.

The American Rescue Plan Act Reveals the Importance of Investing in Reproductive Health Care

Last month, Congress passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. On top of direct stimulus checks, the Plan also includes funding for schools and childcare, increased child tax credits and rental assistance. But another—frequently overlooked—priority of this bill is expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care across the country.